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VedSur’s Unique Advantages

Analytics is a discipline which involves data exploration, tabulation, finding relationships between variables, prediction / forecasting and making inferences.

Members of the team have spent their lifetime analysing data for some of world’s biggest marketing companies. They have analysed some of world’s largest surveys, industry benchmark studies and household panels. They have been involved in development of industry constructs such as Socio-Economic Classification, income estimates based on product consumption basket, Visibility indices for outdoor hoardings etc.

Our analytics team members also have years of experience in analysing customer databases. This includes Recency, Frequency, Monetary value (RFM) analysis, customer lifetime value computations, segmentation, classification, prediction, market basket analysis etc. We could work on neural networks, decision trees, customer churn modelling, next best customer offer model, credit evaluations etc.

Database Management

Depend on us for managing your MR / customer databases to ensure your database is always structured, accurate and up-to-date

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Don’t allow “Garbage In Garbage Out” to ruin your customer centricity. Get experts to handle the database.


We provide a complete range of analytics services such as cross-tabs, use of statistical procedures, model development etc.

Experience Counts

VedSur personnel have headed analysis department of large and reputed research agencies. Avail this expertise and experience

Customer Analytics

Ensure your greatest asset, customer database, serves you well. Allow us to help you unearth value in customer databases to boost your business.

Understand Customer

VedSur knows how to use customer database analytics to build loyal customers.

Data Presentation

Have professionally designed infographics and charts that bring out findings in a visual, easy to understand way. Help your client get the most from your report.

Professional Visualization

Visual presentation is the key to converting insights into actions. Get the professional help.