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Rapidly changing business environment, wiser customers and tougher competition demands professional handling of customers.

While off-the-shelf applications may automate customer data gathering and storing, activities like data enhancement, enrichment and analysis are difficult to automate. That’s where we come in.

We have experience in ERP, CRM and other enterprise softwares. We help client get the customer database in order, enrich it and analyse it to help maximize customer lifetime value.

Why Us?

Our team has years of hands-on experience across a range of database and analytics related activities.

We bring one of the widest skillsets to do justice to the task of database management and mining.

We are an ethical organization. We believe in fair pricing. Contact us to know our prices and how attractive they are vis-à-vis the market.

Our Database Services

Database Services

Data Science means creation, validation, transformation and analysis of structured and unstructured data to glean insights. We have years of hands-on experience in the field of database management, data mining and knowledge discovery.

Database Process Overview

Data is collated from diverse sources, cleaned, structured and validated. This database is enhanced using other databases and GIS. The resultant database is continuously analysed to improve customer understanding.

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