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VedSur’s GIS Pedigree

VedSur team members have more than 10 years of experience in GIS field. This includes digitization of satellite imagery, addition of features such as points of interests or potential area based on circle or driving distance, carrying out GIS analytics such as Points in polygon, buffer, intersection, union, mean coordinates etc.

Each retail outlet decision costs millions to retailers. At present, there is no up-to-date location intelligence tool which allows evaluation of geographic areas at the level of an area within the city. We are creating India’s only Location Intelligence tool using a combination of databases such as Census 2011, NSS, RBI and other government sources to provide location potential at the level of Census ward. Please keep checking this place for updates.

It is estimated that 80% of organizational data has GIS component in it. GIS helps in visualization, identification, classification, prioritization of area level potential. VedSur team has carried out GIS analysis for major retailers in India for past eight years. We use FOSS tools such as QGIS, PostGIS for GIS analysis. Contact us for all your GIS related analytics.

Getting customer database geocoded adds significant value to marketing analysis. Due to the lack of standardization in writing addresses, geocoding in India is fraught with difficulties. We are working on one of the most advanced geocoders for the Indian market. This geocoder cleans and standardizes customer addresses using geographic look-up tables, uses geographic features and reference tables and triangulates these features to arrive at the most probable geocodes. It also provides the accuracy level for each geocode.