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Welcome to VedSur

We are a young, vibrant organization, eager to make our mark in the data science industry. We have the requisite education, experience and drive to succeed. We strongly believe in honesty, professionalism and ethics.

We are determined to offer the highest levels of professional data services at attractive prices. What separates us from other data science organization is our years of hands-on experience in analytics, CRM implementation, data duplication and integration, data validation, enhancement and direct marketing. What also separates us is our honest and transparent approach to business.

You can rely on us for all data related services and focus on your core competencies.

About VedSur

Help marketing companies realise the value of data in their quest to delight the customer

Be the role model in the areas of data science, analytics and GIS services

Be honest, ethical, professional and courteous in dealing with our customers. Use latest tools, techniques, methods and best practices to provide world class services

We have the drive, knowledge experience, processes and dedication to deliver projects on time. You could be sure of successful completion of your project on time.

Our Crazy Skills

Analytics 99%
Big Data 95%
GIS 90%
ERP / CRM 84%